Nerd’s Eye View – Inside 10,000 horsepower!


The DSR intake manifold going on the heads.  The manifold is another piece we weren't allowed to take detailed shots of.


At 300 mph, this is real “ram air”.  The quad-throttle bodied, carbon fiber intake rests on top of the 14-71 roots-type supercharger. Unfortunately, we can't publish disassembled supercharger pictures due to the team's proprietary stuff.  Those straps hold the supercharger down in case of a backfire, which otherwise would send the blower to supercharge the heavens.


The 14-71 supercharger is so big and robust that it takes a Viper engine's worth of horsepower to run it.  Notice the six 12-point bolts securing the supercharger pulley, and that fat Gates belt that spins it.  We'll soon be featuring Gates belts on Project Supra.
Gates reports these belts are from their industrial division–super secret stuff where top-level chemists and PHd's are involved to come up with something to withstand the forces.


One of the more intricate parts of the whole car is the fuel system, which runs everywhere.  Because NHRA limits the overall diameter of the fuel pump, the team uses a pump with four parts, each with two rotary gears.  Each section is 1.350-in long, and limited on gear sizing.  Still, it pumps out a diluvian-like 100 gallons/minute.  Did you catch that?  Ok, how about this–in our more commonly used liters-per-hour (LPH) terminology, that equates to a mind boggling 22,680 LPH!

Fact #4:  A nitro cars burns fuel at the rate of over 1.2 gallons per second down the strip–slightly more than the average fuel consumption of a fully loaded, airborne Boeing 747. 


Fuel flow is controlled on the return side by this slide valve, which, similar to a wastegate, opens and closes electronically on demand.  The more you close, the more you flow.



  1. Thanks for the kind words, Charlie! I had gobs of fun doing it. Assuming you have looked through all nine pages published here, this is the only place that I know of. Let us know what you think of part two, which is linked here as well!

    1. I’ve stood next to “Big Daddy” Don Garlits when his crew chief puffed on his cigar and before he tossed into the “bleach” he poured around the slicks, told me to take cover.
      Before anyone had time to react the night sky lit up from his infamous fire burnout. So cool!

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