Nerd’s Eye View – Inside 10,000 horsepower!


Here's another look at the fuel system, which sits behind the driver's seat.  The slide valve is in the background.  The fuel pump draws fuel from the two large black pipes under it, which come from the fuel tank in the front of the car.  I'd have to wear three or four Nomex suits in this car.


As mentioned earlier, there are two fuel ports per cylinder.

Fact #5: The Matco Tools Top Fuel nitro cars idles at 2500 RPM to the tune of about 3.8 gallons per minute (855 LPH).


A fuel distribution block hangs from the carbon intake plenum, distributing fuel to the intake manifold and supercharger.


Although not all pictured, a total of eight fuel lines are dispersed through the supercharger for lubrication.  Without these, the supercharger would get too hot.

Fact #6: Between the warm-up, burn-out, and 4-second run, a Top Fueler burns about 17 gallons of fuel.

Check out the subsequent pages for the ignition system, data logs and video.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Charlie! I had gobs of fun doing it. Assuming you have looked through all nine pages published here, this is the only place that I know of. Let us know what you think of part two, which is linked here as well!

    1. I’ve stood next to “Big Daddy” Don Garlits when his crew chief puffed on his cigar and before he tossed into the “bleach” he poured around the slicks, told me to take cover.
      Before anyone had time to react the night sky lit up from his infamous fire burnout. So cool!

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