Nerd’s Eye View – Inside 10,000 horsepower!


In the aluminum intake manifold, eight more fuel lines are deployed—one to each cylinder.


With all of the different fuel injection locations—32 to be exact—the team keeps a plethora of different-sized fuel jets on hand.

So how does all of this fuel get ignited?  With a crazy ignition system, that's how.  Each nitro engine sports two MSD Pro Magneto 44 ignition systems.  These are the ignition control boxes for the generators pictured next.


The boxes control MSD Pro Magneto 44 generators, sending 44 amps of current instantly to each spark plug. With two spark plugs per cylinder, each generator is in charge of one plug per cylinder.  Mason reports that with this much spark, if you wanted to, you could actually use a spark plug as an arc welder.   

Fact #6:  Still, with so much boost and fuel, if one of the two plugs misfires, the entire cylinder's combustion fails and pumps out raw, unburned fuel.  At this point, the side of the car with all four healthy cylinders will immediately start to push the car to the opposite side—a case more visually apparent in a Funny car (probably due to the engine location).  And, if in this case an auto-ignited back-fire occurs when the exhaust valve is closed, it can blow the supercharger right off the engine or the block in half.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Charlie! I had gobs of fun doing it. Assuming you have looked through all nine pages published here, this is the only place that I know of. Let us know what you think of part two, which is linked here as well!

    1. I’ve stood next to “Big Daddy” Don Garlits when his crew chief puffed on his cigar and before he tossed into the “bleach” he poured around the slicks, told me to take cover.
      Before anyone had time to react the night sky lit up from his infamous fire burnout. So cool!

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