Nerd’s Eye View: Inside Fredric Aasbo/Papadakis Racing’s Amazing V8 eating 2AR Toyota Engine


Due to the cool running E85 fuel, oil temps never get high and no oil cooler is required.  The toil cooler shown here is for the power steering.  You can see some of the plumbing for the rear mounted radiator here as well.
Running E85 means that a high volume of fuel must be delivered to the engine   The big fuel rail is fed from the sides by twin Bosch 044 fuel pumps through dash 6 hose.  The return is controlled by an AEM regulator through dash 8 line.  Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors are used to feed the powerful 2AR.
To eliminate turbo lag nitrous is used to spool the turbo super quickly.  The system is an 80 shot dry direct port injection unit.  The solenoid, enrichment and engine tuning aspect of the system is automatically handled by the AEM Infinity ECM.  Although the system is rated at 80 hp it produces more like 120 hp.  The system is activated at above 80% throttle opening from 2500-7000 RPM when the boost is below 25 psi.  The system only comes on for a few seconds at a time and automatically shuts off once the turbo is spooled up.  The bottle will last a Formula D weekend.
The amazing 2AR puts out over 800 hp and 700 lb/ft of torque.  The exact power output is unknown as the engine spins its tires violently on the dyno.  The engine can rev up to 8400 RPM but the working rev limit is usually set at 8100-8200 RPM.  There are over 500 fb/ft of torque available as low as 3500 RPM.  These are large displacement V8 killing numbers out of a package with nearly half the weight.  To top it all off the engine is dead reliable too.  The 2AR might just become the engine swap of choice!
It all fits under the hood of the TC.  For 2013 the TC was updated with the latest bodywork.
After struggling for the prior two seasons with the new TC chassis, Papadakis Racing is now a force to be reckoned with, always scoring high and around for the finals.  The car is deadly fast and capable of high speeds at high angle,  The TC strikes fear in the heart of V8's everywhere.  Is the 2AR the beginning of a new turbo age?  We hope so!

With a powerband wider than a big displacement V8, equivalent power and durability with half the weight, the Papadakis Racing 2AR is more than competitive.  It may just become the engine of choice in the future. The 2AR is proving to be the weapon for revenge for the import engine fans in the future.  How will people react to a Toyota engine swapped into a Nissan though?  We will see!

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