Nerd’s Eye View: Inside Fredric Aasbo/Papadakis Racing’s Amazing V8 eating 2AR Toyota Engine


To reduce block bore distortion due to uneven cylinder cooling, the 2AR uses this plastic flow diffuser in the water jacket.  Even though the engine is open deck, the block is still plenty stiff and cylinder walking in not a problem even with high boost and high power.
Cool water from the radiator enters here and is evenly diffused around the entire block before getting near a cylinder.  This helps piston ring seal and improves overall engine life.
The 2AR has an amazing 3 oil squinters per cylinder!  To improve bearing oiling and for rod clearance with the long 1AR crank two of the 3 squinters are welded shut and only one is used.  This also helps reduce windage at high RPM.
You can see the single retained squirter here.
Due to the long stroke of the 1AR crank, the block must be notched for rod clearance at the end of the cylinder.  You can see it here.
Perhaps a better view of the rod clearance notching.

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