Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show Part 2 – Cars & Stuff


There’s not much to the bodywork on the car. The wheel wells have louvers on top and the rear of the car has these gurney flaps and the end of the valleys between the wheel wells and middle bodywork to generate more downforce. The valley gurney flaps are similar to those found on the Deltawing. 
The car has pretty standard looking racecar suspension using upper and lower control arms with inboard coilovers actuated by a pushrod and rocker system. Heim joints are used on everything of course. The big shiny thing up front is an electric motor I believe. That should be connected to the rear differential which we can see with the axle going into it.
The car rides on some very nice looking Enkei wheels. This is the left front wheel and you can see how the back of the wheel well is open.
Ford had these simulators with the Fiesta ST being the car used. While it was kinda neat to be on the moving platform, they had the simulator set up with automatic braking which took all the fun out of it; playing GT6 over at Nissan was much more fun. Um, that was the only cool thing in the Ford booth this year. Next year should be much more interesting with the completely new 2015 Mustang.
The coolest thing in the Toyota/Scion area was this FR-S that we already saw at SEMA. Well, maybe I should say this was the most eye-catching.  There’s nothing eye-catching about a Camry hybrid. Oh yeah, all day long are these guys who keep the cars spotless. 
I’m really digging the design language of the new Mazdas.  I love how the 3, 6, and CX-5 look.  This 6 was sporting big wheels and big Brembo brakes.
Mazda had Chevelle Caterers on hand performing café duties. I’ll admit, I’m pretty boring and get mochas all the time. I told the guy how I was a boring sloth and I asked if he could fix something else up for me to try. Well… I’m glad I asked because he made this amazing pumpkin spice latte! Yes, it was awesome. If you need full-service catering, look these guys up!

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