Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show Part 2 – Cars & Stuff


The Camaro ZL1 has a real, functional hood scoop!  What is more impressive is the ducting attached to the vent to more effectively pull air through the radiator.
The ZL1 needs more cooling than the more pedestrian Camaro because it’s packing more power.  I guess those two hoses coming out from the blower are coolant lines for the air-to-water intercooler.
See, the regular Camaro gets these non-functional faux hood vents.
Even the dudes going on video get makeup.
Do you see this huge line in the Mercedes booth? No, it’s not to get any autographs from a celebrity. It’s not to see some exclusive car…
It’s the line for some of the best food at the show. I, being the hard-working MotoIQ correspondent, did not wait in line for the food.

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