Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show Part 2 – Cars & Stuff


V12 bi-turbo. Probably not a bad way to cruise the Pacific Coast Highway.
Cramming a V12 with a pair of turbos into any engine bay is no easy feat. The cold air for the turbos is sourced from in front of the radiator and fed through these two tubes. There’s a big rubber seal going around the opening of the engine bay which is an interesting feature.
Tucked way down below on each side of the engine is a Borg Warner turbo. You can just see the blue rectangular nameplate on the turbo signifying it’s a Borg Warner (sorry, it’s a bit out of focus). The cream colored plastic cap is the integrated compressor bypass valve in the compressor housing.
Some special decoder ring is required for the top sticker. But the middle sticker says the car is emissions compliant to Tier 2, Bin 5, Light Duty Vehicle standards in the US and is rated as an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle II Passenger Car in California; at least that’s what I think those acronyms translate out to be. The bottom sticker says to use Mobil 1 in your AMG Mercedes.
Stefan is the guy who can be thanked for hand assembling this masterpiece of an engine.
Oh, because you need a really long (and therefore heavy) hood to cover a V12, a pair of spring-loaded pogo stick thingys are used to pop the hood up when you pull the hood release latch.
More dodging video crews. This crew was from Germany and they were quite friendly.

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