Nerd’s Eye View: Lancia Delta HF Integrale


The big black plastic air box looks pretty darn factory-like. I’m going to guess the filter element inside is relatively large to minimize pressure drop. A neat little touch is the wire connecting the oil-fill cap to the valve cover to prevent it from getting lost; just like many cars today and their gas caps.
A carbon fiber intake pipe was crafted to the big plastic air box taking air to the turbo. I think this engine was in the ballpark of 300hp, so the vertically mounted intercooler is not super massive. Notice how short the complete air path is going from the air box to turbo to intercooler to throttle body to maximize response and reduce pumping losses.
I think the turbo is a Garrett T3 something or other. As you can see, it’s internally wastegated. The actuator can has two ports on it, one above and one below the internal diaphragm allowing for more precise boost control. It looks like the turbine housing has a ceramic coating as it is white-ish. Maybe it could be called egg-shell? Off-white? Sorry, been looking at home stuff recently.
The placement of the intercooler right in front of the compressor inlet to the turbo makes for this less-than-ideal inlet pipe. It does have some volume kind of making a mini plenum which should make the best of things. I’m not sure if the rib is for strength or for the pleasure of the fabricator by making it easier to make the pipe in two pieces. More safety wire can be seen on the bolt at the compressor inlet.
From this view, you can see how the air enters the air box through the bottom and goes up into the inlet pipe for the turbo. The intercooler, while not tall, is quite thick. I’d guesstimate around 4 inches thick. That sheet metal in the bottom right of the picture attached to the side of the intercooler is some ductwork connected to the bumper which maximizes the air flow to the intercooler.

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