Nerd’s Eye View: Lancia Delta HF Integrale


A good ole cast iron log manifold is used. It is compact and reliable. It does appear the manifold is well designed with the runners being angled in the intended direction of flow. There is a little heat shield between the manifold and fan motor to prevent from cooking the motor.
Just one more look at the exhaust manifold and turbine housing. I’m not quite sure what this electrical box thing is on the end of the valve cover. Did the engine have some cam phasing on the exhaust cam? Or maybe I’m over-thinking things and it’s just to detect engine speed.
The air for the intake and intercooler comes from these openings. In the bottom opening, some type of heat exchanger is visible. Maybe it is an oil cooler or power steering fluid cooler.
That intake duct thing with a fan in it is made from Kevlar I believe. The strut tower brace is a chunk of carbon fiber. The aluminum looking cylinder should be a swirl pot for the coolant system.
I believe I overhead that titanium is used for these super robust looking uniball strut mounts. In the upper left, you can see the mounts for the strut tower brace welded to the strut tower.
The steel cable attached to the chassis to the right of the strut is also attached to the bottom of the strut to limit droop travel. Otherwise, when the car catches air and the struts fully extend, I imagine something internal to the struts, like the pistons, could break if the travel was not limited.

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