Nerd’s Eye View: Lancia Delta HF Integrale


The rear top strut mount looks even more awesome than the front one.
The rear suspension consists of the strut, a rear trailing arm, and two separate lateral arms. The rear suspension arm bits have some type of protective covering reducing damage from flying debris. The rear sway bar end-link appears to attach directly to the spindle.
A rear sway bar change looks to be a quick affair by removing the two allen head screws and two nuts on each side of the car. Peeking up to the left, you can see the steel cable to limit droop travel just like on the front of the car.
A tubular rear subframe locates the suspension arms and rear skid plate; I am guessing the production street car does not look like this. The rear differential fluid drain plug is safety wired as losing fluid out in the middle of a stage would suck. On a side note, the driveshaft and exhaust pipe are about the same diameter.
More flappage. Those wheels look seriously strong too. It’s a little scary the wheel are only held on by 4 studs instead of five used on more modern cars. Granted, modern cars weigh a lot more.
The front skid plate extends pretty far back, roughly in line with the back of the wheel wells.

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