Nerd’s Eye View: Olsbergs MSE SuperCar Lites


The SuperCar Lites will be powered by a Ford derived 2.4 liter, naturally aspirated, 4-cylinder engine, built by Mountune which produces around 300 horsepower – about half of the SuperCars. However, the SuperCar Lites cars will also have a 6-speed sequential gearbox and differentials from Sadev, which are also used in the SuperCars. The powertrain is not cheap, but is guaranteed for 1000km of use – enough for an estimated season and a half of mileage. A large aluminum radiator is mounted above the radiator and receives cooling air from a large scoop integrated into the roof and rear clamshell bodywork.


Unlike the front-engined SuperCars, the SuperCar Lites will have their engines behind the driver, mounted longitudinally.  The Sadev gearbox and rear differential are one unit, similar to an open-wheel car. Olsbergs MSE's SuperCars use the same gearbox.


A new AEM Infinity ECU keeps tabs on the OMSE-spec’d 2.4 liter engine. The Infinity is a small, flexible unit that has a sealed, weatherproof construction – perfect for a rallycross car. AEM’s on-site engineers reported the ability to tune a car on the dyno in a fraction of the time as any other engine management system, even without a base map to start with. 


Both the front and rear of the cars have tubular crash structures to protect some of the more expensive bits. 


The interior is clean and well laid out, with Sparco seats, harnesses, and two-spoke rally steering wheel. An AIM MXL computer lets the driver keep an eye on the vitals.


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