Nerd’s Eye View: Olsbergs MSE SuperCar Lites


A cool feature found in the interior is the driver-adjustable power steering assist, located on the side of the AIM dash. Additionally, the huge e-brake handle – mounted just right of the sequential shifter – will automatically disengage the engine when pulled, allowing quick pulls on the e-brake without the driver needing to use the clutch. A simple dash panel is mounted between the two seats.


Ohlins adjustable coilover suspension is actuated at the front and rear by pushrods, with the coilovers mounted high and towards the center of the car on both ends. Running parallel with the shocks are the adjustable swaybars at both ends. What this does is reduce the amount of damage that can be done in an incident – if you take out a corner, you aren’t likely to take out the pricey coilover and swaybar. The upper and lower control arms, as well as the pushrods and rocker panels, are fully adjustable. 


Wheels are supplied by series sponsor Motegi Wheels, with ample stopping power provided by Alcon. The cars were tested on DOT street tires and you can expect that the series will adopt a spec tire for the SuperCar Lites.


It’s no major surprise that given Ford’s involvement with the GRC – as well as with the Olsbergs MSE team – the bodywork on the SuperCar Lites cars looks just like a Ford Fiesta. However, there are no stock panels on the SuperCar Lites cars as the cars feature fiberglass bodywork – easy to repair, and lightweight. For ease of work, the front bodywork removes as one large clip, while the rear bodywork hinges as one large unit from behind the B pillars. This also has the added benefit of making the SuperCar Lites cars look a little like Group B cars from back in the day.


Throughout the test, the cars ran flawlessly with no mechanical failures although one driver managed to hurt an engine when he overrevved it. 


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