Nerd’s Eye View: Olsbergs MSE SuperCar Lites


Global RallyCross has not released its schedule for the 2013 season yet, but the series is looking to include the SuperCar Lites class into a five-race national series to run alongside the Supercars. Additionally, expect a five-race Western regional as well as a five-race Eastern regional series.


Although Olsbergs MSE has not officially revealed pricing for the SuperCar Lites, expect them to cost $185,000. However, the philosophy that Andreas Erikkson from Olsbergs MSE used in constructing the car was to accept a higher up-front cost for quality components that will last a long time – running costs per weekend should be close to around $5,000 (excluding entry, tires, and crashing).  Compare that to approximately $400,000 to purchase a Supercar which has a weekend running cost that vastly exceeds the $5,000 of the SuperCar Lites cars.


Next week, we’ll speak with two drivers from two different backgrounds – Time Attacker Mike Bonnani and Formula Drifter Kyle Mohan – and get their impressions from behind the wheel of the SuperCar Lites car.




Olsbergs MSE

Global RallyCross



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