Nerd’s Eye View: ScienceofSpeed S2000




Don't let the stickers fool you- the fronts are Advans while the rears are Rays 57Xtreme 18×10.5. Front & rears are wrapped in soft compound 280/650-18 Yokohama A005 slick rubber. As we stated earlier Chris would pull in to the pits and do nothing but check vitals and change tires. We just happened to shoot the car while he was on new fronts with the different wheels. 

SoS knows you gotta upgrade the “stop” when you increase the “go.”  A set of Stoptech ST40 Trophy Race front calipers and Stoptech ST22 Trophy Race rear calipers keep the car in check. The Stoptech Trophy Race Big brakes use full floating mounting hardware, which reduces brake pad knockback. After experiencing high lateral loads on a track, fixed calipers lead to some slack in the brake pedal and a long pedal feel, not great for confidence going into a sharp corner after a long, fast straight. Floating hardware has less play which allows for consistent, firm braking action. Motul RBF600 is SoS's preferred brake fluid. The rotors are Stoptech 328mm front and 322mm rear. Carbotech XP12/XP10 pads round out this BABK.

SoS rear
J's Racing Type GT Widebody rear fender has an outlet duct to vent the turbulent air.  The diffuser shaped rear bumper helps produce downforce and faster cornering speeds.


SoS rear wing
The adjustable ScienceofSpeed Type DTM rear wing is an FRP composite/aluminum/chromoly hybrid.


SoS front
Got downforce?  The extended front bumper, underpanel, and front steer fin keep the car planted while also venting the turbulent, hot air from the engine bay.  An option is to have the front undertray, front and rear louver inserts, and rear undertray constructed out of carbon fiber.  The inner ducts are also functional and the passenger side feeds an 8″ x 8″ oil cooler. 


The suspension is set up for the track. ScienceofSpeed bump steer joints and ScienceofSpeed front roll center mounts with adjustable camber tighten handling around the corners, provide better steering response, and reduced roll. The machined billet aluminum top mounts with spherical monoball bearings  provide less slop and compression than the stock mounts.  NVH?  Ha!  This is a track car! ScienceofSpeed also developed the torsion sway bars. The S2000 is set to -4 degrees camber, 6.8 degrees of caster, and -.25 degrees of toe in the front and -2 degrees of camber and 0.6 degrees toe in out back. 

We were intrigued by these alignment specs. based on having experience in an AP1 S2000. When we discussed this with Chris he indicated that since the car first debuted at the beginning of the season they have been through 5 alignment changes to get the car where it is. They initially began with zero toe in the rear and had to develop the SoS bits to get the rear alignment where they wanted it. With the toe out up front the car has the crisp turn in one desires and the toe in out back helps with straight line and braking stability. 

SoS S2000

Ready for takeoff!  The J's Racing GT kit increases fender widths by 60mm front and  75mm  rear.



  1. Hi there I am also an owner of a track focused Honda S2000 and I was wondering where you got your carbon fiber start button housing inserts. I really want to delete the stock radio controls but keep the hole for the start button. Your build is beautiful in every track enthusiast’s mind! Your response would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    1. We are not the owners of the car, we are a magazine which should be obvious. I would start by trying to track down the builders of the car as mentioned in the article. Google is your friend!

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