Nerd’s Eye View: ScienceofSpeed S2000


SoS S2000 cockpit
The interior is outfitted in race car attire.  All panels are removed except the dash & center console.  The instrumentation includes a Race Technology Dash2 dash integrated with AEM serial interface for their Engine Management System. A DL1 telemetry datalogger with built in GPS receiver for track mapping. SoS monitors position (GPS), throttle, speed, 4 way acceleration/deceleration, and engine parameters. Cornering is provided via the Sparco 350mm steering wheel.  


SoS S2000 roll cage
The fire suppression system is an SFI certified Fire Bottle Safety System FE-36.  FE-36 is a replacement to Halon 1211 that offers lower toxicity and causes zero ozone depletion. It also doesn't leave a residue, is non corrosive and electronically non conductive though it takes between 1.5 and 1.8 times as much FE-36 as Halon to effectively suppress a fire. 


Up close view of the fire suppression nozzle in the passenger compartment.


S2000 roll cage
The ScienceofSpeed roll cage is a TIG welded 6 point DOM cage, 1.75″ thick with a 0.095″ wall. One benefit of building a convertible with a removable top is the ability to fully weld the top of the main hoop and interfacing bars without dropping the cage through the floor. An easy way to tell they are fully welded is the lack of gussets at those joints.   



The JRZ RS Pro 2-way adjustable dampers use a large piston monotube design which controls shock absorber travel in smaller increments.  The exterior reservoirs with remote lines provide excellent fluid temperature control and have an advanced compression adjusting mechanism on the reservoir.  

The shock absorber bodies and forks are machined from lightweight billet aluminum and are specifically manufactured for the S2000, allowing increased suspension travel and no need to adjust the lower mounts as is necessary with other “universal” shocks. The bodies are threaded for ride height adjustment and offer 2 way adjustability – an independent low speed compression adjustment on the reservoir and rebound adjustment on top of the shock absorber.

SoS sells these as bare shock absorbers only or as a complete kit with 7″ 875 lb/in rear and 7″ 800 lb/in front HyperCo springs with increased block height helper springs which eliminate contact between the spring perch and joiner plate while under full compression.



  1. Hi there I am also an owner of a track focused Honda S2000 and I was wondering where you got your carbon fiber start button housing inserts. I really want to delete the stock radio controls but keep the hole for the start button. Your build is beautiful in every track enthusiast’s mind! Your response would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    1. We are not the owners of the car, we are a magazine which should be obvious. I would start by trying to track down the builders of the car as mentioned in the article. Google is your friend!

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