Nerd’s Eye View: ScienceofSpeed S2000


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This monster consumes E85 fuel.  2000cc Injector Dynamics injectors, AEM fuel rail, Walbro 455lph lift pump, and a Bosch 044 high pressure pump are all required to feed this thirsty beast.  There is also a rear mounted 1L surge tank  that prevents fuel starvation around the track.  

intercooler and piping

ScienceofSpeed are beta testing this V mount radiator/intercooler. The intercooler uses a Garrett core with mandrel bent aluminum piping and T304 stainless downpipe. The radiator is a Visteon 24″ x 15″ x 2″ twin pass.  The V mount setup provides less pressure loss to the I/C due to shorter piping and more equal air distribution across the I/C and radiator. Just check out the detail that goes into simple things like the I/C mounts and hood pin hardware.  

As many of you will recognize there has been a severe shortage of road race purposed turbo S2000's. When SoS began this build everyone indicated it would make a good Time Attack car but not a good 30-40 minute long road race car. WRONG! With these cooling efforts and proper aero to increase the efficiency of those systems this car in a recent race with 92 degree ambient air temps had a stabilized water temp of 205F and oil temp of 245F. We also suspect the use of E85 helps to contribute to the reliability of this package. 


V mount intercooler and radiator
The remote reservoirs for the shocks are mounted on the chassis so they don't contribute to increased unsprung weight and they are also very convenient to adjust pressure. 

Power is sent to the wheels with traction thanks to an off the shelf OS Giken 1.5 way limited slip diff. ScienceofSpeed billet twin carbon-carbon clutch and flywheel transmit the engine's power to the wheels. SoS uses Honda manual transmission fluid and Motul 75W90, a gear oil perfect for handling the hard track and racing conditions.  

ScienceofSpeed S2000 on track
Handling curbs like a pimp!


ScienceofSpeed S2000:

Vehicle wet weight: 2620 lbs

Measured WHP: 518whp (detuned to 430whp for classing)

Dyno: Dynapack (4th gear)

Boost level: 18psi (16 psi for classing)

Elevation and weather conditions: 1120 ft, 73 deg F, 17% humidity, 29.9 inHg


Science of Speed S2000 NASA ST1 TT!


One last interesting detail- this car began life as a street car and a test bed for ScienceofSpeed and their supercharger kit. They ran it in NASA Time Trials in the TTB class early on. At the end of last season they set out to build this car over the winter (if you can call it that in AZ). They got busy and brought the car out at the beginning of the season and have so far campaigned in 5 road race events. The result? 1 2nd place finish and 4 WINS. If that is not a sign that they have this thing figured out then I do not know what is! And if you are competing against them and not faring so well, just remember they can build you a replica… Rumor has it there is already one in the works! 


  1. Hi there I am also an owner of a track focused Honda S2000 and I was wondering where you got your carbon fiber start button housing inserts. I really want to delete the stock radio controls but keep the hole for the start button. Your build is beautiful in every track enthusiast’s mind! Your response would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    1. We are not the owners of the car, we are a magazine which should be obvious. I would start by trying to track down the builders of the car as mentioned in the article. Google is your friend!

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