Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2013 – Part II



Speaking of turbos, Garrett by Honeywell had a new goodie in their booth in the form of a GTX4088R. The GTX4088R fills the gap between the GTX3582R and the GTX4294R and should fit the bill for anyone targeting the 750whp-850whp range. Ryan Tuerck has already laid down 825whp on his 2JZ powered drift car. I think this turbo is great for anyone with a 6-cylinder engine; I’m looking at you Supra, BMW, Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax guys.

For the drag racing crowd, Garrett by Honeywell released these SFI certified turbine housings for drag racing. The housing is certified to contain a turbine wheel burst along with the cross-bolts catching a turbine wheel should it break off the shaft.

Garrett SFI turbine housings

For some more Garrett by Honeywell race proven goodness, check out the GT30-35 divided (twin-scroll) turbine housing with a v-band inlet flange. To make it easier on the manifold fabricators, an adapter can be purchased allowing the fabricator to simply weld stainless steel tubing to the adapter. Mike Essa is the 2013 Formula Drift champion having used this divided v-band turbine housing with a GTX3582R turbocharger for the 2013 season on his BMW E46 M3 (we had a sneak peek of the car at the beginning of the year). Platte Forme a.g. racing their E46 M3 just set the fastest overall lap time at the recent combined GTA/SLB event (Global Time Attack and Super Lap Battle) using a similar GTX3582R and divided v-band turbine housing setup. Both M3s had their manifolds built by DOC Race; so if you own an E46 M3 and want a FD and GTA/SLB winning turbo setup, give them a call.
If you were curious what the gas passage looked like on these turbine housings, well, these cutaways were in the booth. On the left is the newly released v-band inlet and outlet GT25-28 turbine housing. On the right are GT30-35 open volute v-band and T3 flanged divided turbine housings. The GT25-28 v-band turbine housings use unique flange sizes that are smaller than the flanges used on the GT30-35 turbine housings. Check out the turbine outlet of the GT25-28 turbine housing and notice how it has a very narrow angle diffuser for optimal performance.
Borg Warner is also joining the v-band party after having released their EFR line of turbochargers with only bolted flanges. This turbine housing is no easy casting with the internal wastegate.Borg Warner EFR
Borg Warner is now even offering the v-band turbine housing without an internal wastegate!

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