Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2013 – Part II


CSF R1 radiator
A new product from CSF is their Yamaha R1 drop-in replacement radiator. R1s are notorious for running hot on the race track and this radiator solves the problem. The radiator was developed in conjunction with Yamaha and Graves Motorsports, so you know it’s track proven.
csf m3 radiator
CSF also makes a drop-in triple pass radiator for the E46 M3. Mike Essa used this radiator on his 2013 FD Championship winning E46 too. Sheesh, there appears to be a great number of race track proven components for the E46 now between this CSF radiator and the DOC Race turbo setup using the Garrett by Honeywell GTX3582R turbo with divided v-band turbine housing. Oh yeah, AEM makes a plug-n-play Infinity standalone system and I have a sneaking suspicion that KW Suspension can take care of the handling needs. CSF has also started making oil cooler setups such as this drop-in for the E92 M3.
CSF intercooler
One product I’m really excited about is their new line of intercoolers. It’s difficult to find a good tube-n-fin intercooler and the ones from CSF should perform exceptionally well.
Two big ones! PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering) should be at the top of your list of companies to contact if you need a compound turbo setup for your Duramax engine. The ‘little’ turbo is a Garrett GT4094R with the ‘big’ turbo being a GTX4508 size. A TiAL wastegate is used between the stages. Note the use of the exhaust bellow. Again, quality components and thoughtful engineering make for a great performing and reliable turbo kit. It’ll be interesting to see how the kit performs with the new GTX4088R.
One of the new parts in the PPE kit is this cast pedestal to mount the GT40 turbo. Previously, PPE used a fabricated piece. This new cast piece will be more robust along with better performing as CFD was used to optimize the flow.
The pedestal can be seen mounted in the middle of the V of the engine. PPE has also cast new exhaust manifolds with a higher flow and reduced pressure drop compared to the stock manifolds. CFD was used in the optimization of these manifolds too. Again, exhaust bellows are used to prevent cracking of the exhaust pipes connecting the manifolds to the pedestal.

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