Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA 2013 – Part II



If the new LT1 engine in the C7 Corvette doesn’t have enough power for you, Edlebrock is working on a supercharger kit. It looks like the car came off the assembly line like this! On a side note, check out how the OEM duct comes off the radiator and mates up to the hood vent. It’s awesome to see how cars you can buy straight off the showroom floor come with features which were previously only seen on race cars.
If you own a Mustang GT, you can bolt on a supercharger straight from Ford Racing. Of course, you’ll want the Ford Racing radiator to go along with it.
Ford racing mustang front splitter
More power is great, but it’s more important that you can stop. Ford Racing offers a brake cooling duct kit that nicely integrates into the front bumper. Ford Racing also offers this front splitter.
ford racing mustang brake duct
The Ford Racing brake duct kit includes this piece attaching the hose to the spindle. It directs the air to the center of the rotor which is exactly where you want it. From the center of the rotor, the air then flows through the central vanes evenly cooling the rotor.
This exhaust system is interesting in that it adds side exits. The more exhaust flow area the better. Plus, you can scare people on sidewalks.

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