Nerd’s Eye View: The Kern’s Pikes Peak Evo IX



A Traqmate GPS system is used for datalogging.  The selector knob goes from mild to wild.  What does it control?  It allows David to switch maps in the MoTeC ECU which also has a MoTeC MDC (Mitsubishi Diff Controller) hooked up.  As a side note, Mitch would only tune and increase the boost to bat sh!t crazy level if David agreed to call it ‘gangbang’ level in tribute to rally car bangbang anti-lag.


Here is a better view of the stock shifter on the custom high-mount.  Mounted next to the driver’s seat is the brake cylinder for the rear hand-brake.  The little red lever is for the Spa Technique fire suppression system.  As for the blue knob, it is a brake bias adjuster.  Remember those two stainless braided lines?  I think they are for the fire suppression system and brake bias adjuster.


The battery is relocated from the engine bay to the cabin behind the driver.  It’s mounted low and in the middle of the car to lower the center of gravity and reduce the polar moment of inertia.


The bottle holding the fire suppressant stuff is mounted behind the navigator.  


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