Nerd’s Eye View: The Kern’s Pikes Peak Evo IX



The remote reservoir for the front AST 5300 damper is mounted in the engine bay.  Camber is adjusted at the camber plate of course.  The OEM fuse box cover has a handy dandy groove in it that sure is convenient for routing the hydraulic line!


The air is thin at Pikes Peak so you need a lot of downforce to generate some ‘stick’.  The “3-D” front splitter was made by Professor John Wanberg at Metropolitan State University of Denver (must be nice having access to more S.M.A.R.T people!) and RobiSpec make the canards with both being made from carbon fiber.  With splitters, typically the longer you make it (within reason), the more downforce you get.


David got the badass widebody fender off of a user on EvoM.  Peeking back at the front splitter, you can just make out the diffuser integrated into it to further increase downforce; the diffuser/tunnel is what gives the splitter the “3-D” name.


APR racing mirrors are used to reduce weight and drag.  It’s a rally and hillclimb car, so David shouldn’t have to worry too much about anything coming up from behind.


Yup, the whole bottom of the car is basically flat courtesy of Kern’s own handywork.  The flat bottom reduces drag and should help reduce aerodynamic lift. 



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