Nerd’s Eye View: The Kern’s Pikes Peak Evo IX



A massive AMS intercooler is shoehorned in the front.  The hose connections used on the end tanks look blow-off proof like the turbo compressor outlet.  There are three nozzles in front of the intercooler, one on each side and one in the middle.  These spray water on the IC to help cool down the air.  David also has nozzles which spray the radiator.  How does spraying water help?  The operating concept has to do with latent heat of vaporization.  Basically, evaporating water sucks up a lot of heat which therefore cools down the IC and radiator.  Your body uses the same principle to cool down by sweating.


The water is provided by the Flojet pump and Blitz 10 quart container (available at your local auto parts store).  Sometimes, David will put a little bit of ice in the container too.


Here is some custom cooling system goodness.  The custom filler neck is the highest part of the cooling system allowing for easy bleeding.  The big charge pipe is coming from the intercooler.


At the end of the charge pipe is a Tial BOV and MilSpec 65mm throttle body hooked up to an AMS F1-I intake manifold.  The upgraded MilSpec throttle body is a must as the stock one is known to leak boost at high boost pressures.  An Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator is mounted on the firewall.  Two Wilwood high capacity reservoirs contain the brake fluid.


Front braking duties are handled by AP Racing calipers and 2-piece rotors from Essex Parts and CL8 brake pads.  In competition, an AMS brake cooling kit is attached.  In the background is a ShepTrans prepped drivetrain.  Everyone in the DSM and Evo world knows ShepTrans as they make the only parts that can handle the abuse dished out by high torque DSMs and Evos.  The drivetrain consists of a Shep built Evo VIII gearbox, Shep rear differential, Wavetrac front diff, Exedy triple cerametallic clutch, and AMS 2-piece driveshaft.


The rear brakes use 2-piece rotors with the stock Brembo calipers.  These things have seen some abuse from back in the 15″ rally car wheel days!  Debris getting between the wheel and caliper will do that.  Because race car!


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