Nerd’s Eye View: The MCA Suspensions “Hammerhead” Silvia S13


A good deal of the fabrication work was done by Nigel Pietre from Engineered to Slide based in Victoria, Australia. He's pictured here grinding down some metal after installing the air jack. 

mca suspension s13 steel doors

The Hammerhead still has steel doors. Here Mandi removes and disassembles the doors. Aussie chicks are rad. Team America does not have any females helping out on the GTR whatsoever.

mca suspension s13 doors

Here JB cuts out one of the doors to the max. I bet Australian power tools work awesome at 240 volts compared to our measly 110 volts here in North America.

mca suspension s13 door completed

And here's Mike again with the completed door after paint ready for install. I suspect Mike is having a blast building the Hammerhead since he's always smiling. Lexan windows were used for 2012 and were sourced from Plastics4Performance.

Here's the trunk of the S13 with the rear wing mounts in progress. During the initial build for WTAC 2011, a lot of steel was left in the car. Some weight was removed from the car with the Plastics4Performance Lexan windows and some good old cutting. MCA estimates the car's weight to be approximately 1150kg (2535 lbs.).

mca suspension s13 front chassis

For 2012, the MCA crew redesigned the front suspension for upper A-arms so they could eliminate the front struts and redo the suspension geometry for an overall lower ride height. The sheet metal behind the front wheel was also redone to better channel air out from the wheel wells.

mca suspension s13 front wheel well

With the extremely low ride height, the front wheel wells were fabricated from sheet metal to allow for greater tire clearance.

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