Nerd’s Eye View: Tilton Interiors Mitsubishi Evo 9

tilton evo volk wheelIn 2012 and before, the Tilton EVO ran Volk RE30 wheels and Hankook tires. The Hankook Ventus TDs were 295/30/18. For Pro class Time Attack only the C50 compound is used. However to avoid a tire war and put everybody on a level playing ground, Yokohama stepped up to the plate in an even bigger way for 2013 and are supplying A-050 tires to all competitors. Yokohama are already the title sponsor for WTAC. The event is actually officially named the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.

tilton interiors evo advan racing rs wheelBefore going to Tsukuba, the Tilton crew picked up Yokohama Tire as a tire sponsor and are now running ADVAN Racing RS wheels. The Racing RS wheels are 18×10 +15 size and the ADVAN A-050 super soft tires are 295/30/ZR18 size.

tilton evo front suspensionThe front suspension uses MSI billet aluminum uprights. I believe the MSI uprights were a joint design between MSI and Richard Raeder of Sierra Sierra Enterprises. You all remember my favorite EVO right? Garth has bounced ideas off of Richard and so even though the SSE EVO is retired, Richard has helped out Tilton here and there with suggestions and parts when needed. Notice the Alcon 6 piston front calipers from a tarmac rally EVO application.
tilton evo front suspensionThe car was built by Trent Murphy of TM Automotive in Penrith, New South Wales, Australia, but Jeff and I took these pictures in Garth's shop which coincidentally is Radical Cars Australia and sits right smack in the middle of Sydney Motorsport Park. Talk about a home court advantage right? Garth drives on Syndey Motorsport Park (SMP) multiple times a week. Garth at SMP is basically Takumi on Mt. Akina. Anyhow, here you can partially see the MCA Suspensions damper and Eibach ERS spring. The three fastest cars at WTAC 2012 were all on MCA Suspensions. Looking at the upper frame rail, you can see that it is notched for tire clearance and holes are drilled in it to minimize weight. If you look between the fender and the chassis, you see four red round things mounted on a bracket. Those are infrared temperature sensors to read tire temperatures that are logged by the Motec ADL Dash Logger. This helps to speed up chassis setup and tire pressure adjustments for different tracks and conditions.

tilton evo brake rotorThe EVO's AP curved vane brake rotor has the “wheel spacer” integrated into the hat. No JDM style spacers here. The rotor measures 355mm in diameter and are 32mm thick.

tilton evo upper shock mountThe upper shock mount for the MCA Suspensions damper is a mono-ball type. This upper mount increases the front suspension's positive caster by relocating the damper's piston shaft toward the rear of the car. Positive caster can help a car to turn-in better and also to increase directional stability. If you want to get schooled in suspension geometry, check out Mike's Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling series.
tilton evo mca suspensionHere are the remote reservoirs for the MCA Supsensions dampers. Notice the smooth bore PTFE XRP hose used liberally throughout the build. Well built cars use high quality plumbing. Smooth bore PTFE hose allows tighter bend radii, higher pressure capacity, and lighter weight hose assemblies, all of which are benefits in Time Attack or any race car build for that matter.

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