Nerd’s Eye View: USCC SpeedSource Mazda

Nerd's Eye View: USCC SpeedSource Mazda

by M-P Spierer

SpeedSource Race Engineering and Mazda were always a dynamic duo with their rotary powered RX-7 and RX-8 GT cars over the past 20 years, but what they have done for the new Tudor USCC series is on an entirely different level of awesome. A compound turbocharged, SKYACTIV diesel powered prototype racecar? Yes, please.
This car is unique and really cool, so let's just dive straight in.
Starting simple with large air evacuation holes in the front fenders that reduce/eliminate the high pressure area in the wheel well that the tire and wheel generate when spinning at high speed. Currently installed are the deep grooved Continental rain tires.
Quarter-turn fasteners keep the removable access panel secure to the nose when rubbing fenders with the competition, but make it quick and easy to remove when the front suspension settings need tweaking.
Located under the access panel is the inboard front suspension. The shocks are activated by bell crank linkages that are attached to pushrods coming from the front hub uprights. This location keeps weight near the centerline of the car and makes the damper adjustment screws easily accessible.
Centerlock wheels from Motegi Racing make changing tires quick and painless. The time to change a full set of tires may not be as fast as it is in F1, but they do a damn fine job considering only four mechanics and two air guns are allowed on pitlane during a stop.

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