Nerd’s Eye View: USCC SpeedSource Mazda


The front wing elements on the nose of the SpeedSource Mazda are immense. They help to channel air around the car properly to increase downforce while minimizing drag. Also notice how the splitter elements are shaped with tall profiles to increase their rigidity.
Here is the nose removed from the chassis of the car. In the event that the nose is damaged during an off track excursion or from a rogue brake-check this is relatively easy to replace…probably not cheap though.
Louvered rear vents behind the rear wheels help eliminate the trapping of air generated by the rear tires. Some of this air is forced over small ground level spoilers to add extra downforce. The majority of the rear downforce is generated by the rear spoiler though. The carbon elements of the rear spoiler are placed as high as possible to ensure they get the least disturbed air. Also look at all the holes in the side plates. This amount of adjustability means that with enough testing, the team can dial in the rear downforce for any track.
Close up of the leading edge of the dive plane behind the rear wheel. I'm sure these get chewed up pretty good over a race weekend, so having the ability to replace the leading edge rather than parts of the carbon fiber rear body work is definitely a plus.

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