Nerd’s Eye View: USCC SpeedSource Mazda


Moving to the cockpit and we see just one seat mounted slightly right of center, which is unfortunate for those of us who would love to ride shotgun one day. The left side of the dash is home to all of the switches that aren't used regularly while racing.
The D-shaped steering wheel features an integrated Motec display, several buttons for things like the pit speed limiter and the radio, and two rotary switches for changing tuned parameters like traction control or engine maps.
One last overall shot of the engine because it's extremely entertaining to stare at. Check out all the quick disconnect fittings coming off the engine. These make pulling an engine significantly less painful.
As beautiful as the car is I'm sure the team is happiest when this is the only part that the competition sees.

Thanks to the SpeedSource Mazda team for letting us into their pits to take some close-up photos of their beautiful new racing machine and allowing us to write about it.



SpeedSource Race Engineering



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