Nitto Dura Grappler Review


The first thing we noticed after installing our new wheels and tires was that the Dura Grapplers were extremely quiet. None of the freeway hum often associated with truck tires, and expansion joints and other road imperfections were filtered out better. Steering feel, despite going with taller tires with full tread depth (our stockers were pretty bare), was improved, and road holding and stability control intervention was improved. Hydroplaning resistance has been better than stock as well, despite going with 20mm wider tires. Vehicle stability when towing has been vastly improved as well. With the OEM tires (again, P-metric rated), the rear end of the Xterra felt squirrely over bumps and through corners with the racecar on the trailer. With the Dura Grapplers, the truck feels much more stable, and really the only thing holding us back are the soft spring rates Nissan fitted the Xterra with.


Nitto Dura GrapplerFlexing hard in the 2WD Xterra, bro.

At the pump, the Dura Grapplers really shine. With the larger diameter and increased weight, we were concerned our new tires would turn our already dismal 16-17mpg medium hauler into a thirsty pig. When the math came out to 21.4mpg our first tank with them (and yes, we corrected the mileage readings), we were pleasantly surprised. Hell, we’ve even turned in 19mpg tanks dragging Project G20 to the track on flatter treks.


Nitto Dura GrapplerPlenty of clearance inside as well. You can also see the plain-Jane sidewalls for the less adventurous. Keep in mind when changing out for larger diameter tires that you will quickly melt your limited slip differential (if equipped) if you mount the smaller spare on one side. Try to put the spare on a non-driven wheel and disengage any lockers while using mismatched tire sizes. You’ll probably also need to ignore any stability control nanny warnings until you find a properly sized replacement.

The Dura Grapplers continue to save us money as a result of their longevity as well. With over 50,000 miles on them so far, we really can’t tell the difference between our tires and a new set without close inspection. From the amount of wear they’ve experienced, we would not be surprised to see well over 100,000 miles out of this set before they go bald. While the increased diameter and width no doubt helps with tire wear compared to the OEM size, we also do not doubt Nitto’s claims of durability when it comes to this tire.


Nitto Dura GrapplerAfter over 50,000 miles, this is our most worn tire, which is barely distinguishable from when they came new. At our current wear rate, we expect to see over 100,000 miles out of these tires, assuming we get that far before the five year recommended replacement mark.

Overall, our Dura Grapplers have been an excellent tire for truck use. Will you be able to compete with your truck on a hotlapping day? Probably not. However, they will not disappoint you when it comes to towing or daily driving and they'll keep your wallet fat and happy. If you’re still hauling your racecar around with the flimsy P-metric tires your truck came with, we highly recommend upgrading to a tire like Nitto’s Dura Grappler.


Nitto Dura GrapplerHard parked.



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