Project 350Z: Testing the MotorDyne Engineering MREV 2 Intake Manifold

Project 350Z: Testing the MotorDyne Engineering MREV 2 Intake Manifold

by Mike Kojima

We are reaching the limit of easy bolt on performance gains with Project 350Z.  In looking over the offerings from MotorDyne Engineering, the folks that bought us the intake manifold spacer which made such an awesome difference, we noticed that they had a lower intake manifold plenum available for the VQ35DE that would work for both the Rev-Up and original intake cam only variable cam timing engines.

We called MotorDyne Engineering to inquire about the MREV-2 lower plenum and they explained to us that it would add about 15 midrange hp to the Rev-Up motor but would add only 1-2 more hp on the top end of the older engine.  They did not really recommend it but they sent us one only for our evaluation and we were all too glad to test it on our car.

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The MotorDyne Engineering MREV-2 lower plenum is based on a stock Nissan casting.  Externally it is undistinguishable from stock.
The MREV-2 lower plenum on the left is not too different from the stock part on the right on early models.  Note that the casting number is different.  On Rev-Up motors the MREV-2 has runners about 2 inches longer but on the older motor it looks to be about the same.  The MREV-2 has some subtle radiusing around the inlets of the runners and casting flash is cleaned up from the areas that air may flow.  The tops of the runners appear to be flatter and thinner as well, probably to help airflow between the tops of the runners and the top of the plenum. THe MREV-2 is designed to be used in conjunction with MotorDyne Engineering's plenum spacers.

The manifold did about what MotorDyne Engineering said it would do, 1.1 more hp at 6700 rpm and .9 ft/lbs of torque at 5050 rpm.  Not exactly a bang for the buck on this engine but a positive gain nevertheless. 
Looking at the overall picture, Project Z is now rocking 241.2 whp @ 6700 rpm and 207.5 lb/ft of torque @ 5050 rpm.  This is a whopping 37 more whp than stock on our conservative superflow dyno.  The engine is also producing 15 more lb/ft of torque.  Above 3700 rpm our engine produces significantly more power.  Not bad for NA bolt ons.

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