Project 350Z: Testing the MotorDyne Engineering MREV 2 Intake Manifold


We searched around on the net to find some independent test results of what the MREV-2 could do on the Rev-Up motor that it was designed for.   This chart seems to easily back up MotorDyne Engineering's power claims.

At this point with our horsepower modifications our 350Z is a changed car.  It now makes Ferrari sounds and is eager to freely rev.  The power increase has made this car change from one with way too much suspension, tire and brakes relative to its speed to a fun car that just seems to want to drive fast.  It is not “oh my god” butt puckering fast but fun, not scary fast, perfect for a track car.

One annoying thing is that the car wants to bang off its relatively low 6700 rpm rev limit all the time.  The power climbs all the way to the end and its hard to get every last bit of those lovely revs without slamming the limiter.

Stay tuned, next our car heads to Church Automotive for some ECU tuning to raise the rev limiter to 7100 rpm so we can take advantage of those high revving Jim Wolf Technology cams.  We also plan on tweaking the cam, fuel and spark advance tables to squeak some more power out of our VQ35DE.  We are pretty confident that we can reach our power goal of 40 more whp with no loss of power anywhere in the powerband.

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