Project 350Z: Testing the AEM Cold Air Intake

Project 350Z- Testing the AEM Induction Cold Air Intake

by Mike Kojima

In our last trip to the dyno, we tested  AEM's Short Ram intake on our 350Z.  We were surprised to find a small but definite power increase over another leading intake that was already on the car.  Since AEM makes a long runner Cold Air Intake as well as the Short Ram, we decided to test that as well as an interesting contrast between the two vastly different intake designs.

We were expecting that the Cold Air Intake might make more bottom end and mid range power but the Short Ram would beat it out on top end.  We also noticed that on the dyno, some hot air was spilling past the heat shield and heating up the air for the motor just a little.  Would this be enough to affect power?

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We started with Howard removing our front bumper fascia, first by removing the clips in front of the wheelwell
A few more fasteners and the bumper cover comes off easily.
The Short Ram intake has an integrated sampling tube for the Mass Airflow Meter built right into it.  We just took the sensor element out of the stock part and screwed it right into the intake tube.  The cold air system uses the stock airflow meter body. We bolted this machined aluminum adaptor to the airflow meter.
Next we clamped this silicone hose coupler to the throttle body.

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