Project 350Z: Testing the AEM Cold Air Intake


Next, we added the first tube section of the intake being sure to hook up the crankcase breather hose to it.
After that we added the airflow meter.  We also had to relocate the wire harness to make room for the intake tube.  AEM supplies a bracket to move the harness that reuses the stock harness tie down clips.
The bracket was a cool idea but our car must have had the clip in a slightly different position.  No problem, we used a zip tie to attach it to the bracket.
Finally, we added the cold air tube that extends down to under the front bumper to pick up cold air well away from any heat sources.
The intake in place.  AEM told us the finding the correct MAF position was critical in getting the intake to produce good power without triggering any check engine lights.
AEM uses their dryflow air filter element.  It has nearly the same filtering efficiency as an OEM filter while flowing like crazy.  It also does not require oiling after being washed and cleaned.

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