Oh Boyd That’s Quick – Boyd Racing Evolution X
Looking into rear passenger area with ductwork and Firebottle
Fire really sucks. Not putting it out sucks even more!

With a safe, stiff car that’s ready to drive and with the go and the stop well sorted, Duran and Martin turned their attention to the thing that everyone wants to see on these time attack machines — the aero.


Front 3/4 view of just carbon wing perched on trunk
JC Fabrication installed a custom Zebulon Motorsports carbon rear wing affixed to the rear quarters.

Remember boys and girls, wings should be attached to the chassis, not the trunk lid.


Rear shot of diffuser underneath rear bumper, exhaust partly sticking through center bottom
The party continues down low with that blown rear diffuser of JC Fabworks’ own design.

You can just make out the exhaust pipe exiting into the center section of the diffuser.


Front view of bumperless car with super wide splitter and lots of ductwork
And, so as not to be caught mullet-headed, there is also a party up front with a massive carbon splitter.

Zebulon Motorsports again provided their carbon and aerodynamic expertise in the construction of the front splitter. The ample ducting is more visible now, as is its attention to detail.


Belly pan lying on the ground
Rounding out the aero package is this belly pan.


  1. You did get something wrong, there’s no apostrophe in Pikes Peak, it was universally accepted to remove it decades ago. Just kidding though, no haterade here. Cole builds some seriously badass stuff.

  2. Solid build! It’s obvious a lot of thought went into it. I especially approve of the turbine housing choice.

  3. Dang, it was going so well until the exhaust blown diffuser.

    The team need research the Coanda effect. Because they need to install a flat tapered exhaust tip. And it needs to be parallel to match the exact angle of the diffuser. On top of that, they need to reprogram the ECU so that it still has exhaust flow on throttle lift, or you will lose downforce during cornering, which is when you need it most.

    Also, the flow straighteners can be curved, so the air flow diffuses laterally, too. This is a very simple modification. Take a look at the F1 blown diffuser undertrays. It wasn’t that long ago that the EBD was state of the art.

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