Onsite Wheels Fixes Project GD STI’s Wheels

Son sprays an adhesive promotor on the freshly contoured and sanded lip.  The adhesive promotor doesn’t stick to the rubber tire and simply peels off.  Son sprays all around the lip of the wheel, even against the edge of the tire.

After the adhesive promotor is peeled off the tire’s rubber, Son, masks off the tire.  Son then hand mixes some base coat paint to match the wheel.  He has a very good eye and can color match perfectly. The Basecoat is then applied to the lip.

Finally, a coat of clear coat is applied, this blends the base coat into the existing wheel paint and gives the dull base coat some gloss.

As a final quality check, Son pulls off the masking tape and checks the blend and the color match with a special halogen light that is designed to make flaws and poor color matching more visible.

The process is repeated on the front wheel.

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  1. Thats awesome. You need to rotate the centercaps to match the decals. Now that’s a mod you can do to complete the car. Just kidding love the Subaru content.

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