Onsite Wheels Fixes Project GD STI’s Wheels


Son in action!

With the masking off, we could not tell where the wheel was repaired at all, even looking very closely in the sun.

Both the front and rear wheels looked absolutely perfect!

Here is an extra close view.  What is notable is how well the paint in general is holding up on these wheels even though they were first installed when we started this project in 2012!  Imagine a project car that has been with us for 10 years!

Although we will continue to refine and improve our car, it’s getting near the end of what we can do with it. The car is currently very refined and pretty damn amazing to drive.  It’s super fast and handles and brakes with the best of the current crop of super-performance cars.  Stay tuned, we will add stuff as we figure it out!


Onsite Wheels

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  1. Thats awesome. You need to rotate the centercaps to match the decals. Now that’s a mod you can do to complete the car. Just kidding love the Subaru content.

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