Onsite Wheels Fixes Project GD STI’s Wheels

So seconds after lecturing my daughter about curbing wheels  I did this…  It looks like another job for Onsite Wheels. Onsite Wheels had previously fixed the wheels on our Project EVO IX with great results.  Onsite Wheels is well-known locally for its flawless on-car repairs of high-end curbed wheels for a surprisingly low price.  In fact, Onsite Wheels is recommended by several wheel manufacturers to repair their damaged wheels.

In addition to curbing our front wheel, when working on the car at home, one of the wheels got away, rolled down the driveway, got some speed, and skidded on the lip on rough asphalt for about 10 feet doing this!  The damage was actually just as bad as curbing the wheel.

We gave Onsite Wheels, Son Tran a call and he fixed our wheels the next day.  The first step was using a course sanding disc to smooth out the gouges.  Fortunately, the damage on our wheels was confined to the thick OEM paint. and not into the aluminum.  If the damage is deep Son uses a special filler so he doesn’t have to get into the lip really deep.  Severe damage may need to be built up with tig welding.

Son matches the contour of the lip around the wheel so you don’t have an obvious flat spot in the wheel’s lip.

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  1. Thats awesome. You need to rotate the centercaps to match the decals. Now that’s a mod you can do to complete the car. Just kidding love the Subaru content.

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