Quick Wheel Repair With Onsite Wheels

It happens to all of us.  We were driving our Evo 9 Project car through a construction zone and hit one of the wheel lips on the edge of one of the steel plates that’s used to temporarily cover holes in the ground.  This scratched up one of our Volk CE28N wheels. The damage was not bad but it was annoying because our Evo is a super nice example of a low mileage properly modded Evo.

Here is what the plate did to our wheel, it’s not bad but it’s still ugly.

To get our wheel lip fixed, we went to Son Tran of Onsite Wheels. Son has quite the reputation with the modified and exotic car community for doing fast and flawless repair.  He had fixed the Volk wheels on our Project Evo X several years ago and we were amazed by the results.  So we wanted to have him fix this car and asked him if it would be ok to document how he does things.  Son has a passion for fixing wheels.  He loves the challenge of restoring the most expensive wheels from modded streetcars to super expensive exotic and collector cars and he loves making customers happy. Our job was easy but he has developed techniques to deal with most types of wheels and most finishes.

Son first used a sanding wheel to level off our lip.  He was able to remove the gouges without removing much material.  Son said that for severely damaged wheels he uses a special filler to prevent having to remove a lot of material.


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