Quick Wheel Repair With Onsite Wheels

The first step was to remove the gouges and blend the damaged area into the undamaged area.  Here is what that step looked like.

The next step was to restore the contour of the lip so it would not look different from the undamaged areas adjacent to it.  This is where Son’s skill comes in.  He has deft eye-hand coordination and can bevel and round the area to exactly match the rest of the wheel without causing more paint damage to scuffing the tire.

Here is the lip once the contour has been matched and blended.

Next, 2 grades of Scotch Brite wheels are used to remove the grinding marks.  A course then a finer grade of Scotch Brite is used to remove the marks.

A fine grade of wet-dry sandpaper on a block further refines the surface.


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