Polishing Project STurdteen with KBD Body Kits – Part 1


The addition of side skirts also complete the look as a whole.

KBD’s unofficial slogan is, “Parts that fit.” I’m sure many folks on here have experienced the turmoil of mounting body kits that don’t quite line up. I wish I could’ve been more of living testimony to that statement, but since the car had so many injuries, I had to do a lot to compensate for the lack of OEM mounting points.


The cool thing about these kits is that they use factory mounting locations and you can use factory hardware in most cases. I say most cases, because you of course have the problem consumer (like myself) that has totally thrashed the car before making it look pretty again. 
Although I will be wrapping the car, the KBD kits look awesome when they're painted!
Here's the painful part of doing the QP replacement – having to chop them up for clearance! Sad day. 
I added some 50 mm rear over fenders. I’m anxiously awaiting the day that KBD makes some over fenders because I know I will be destroying these fiber glass ones. Over fenders are the most commonly destroyed body panel in drifting.
On drift cars, we don’t normally use OEM hardware, but rather stick with self-tappers, rivets, or zip ties because panels needs to be able to come off quickly during competition. We elected to go with rivets for a cleaner completed look.

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