Polishing Project STurdteen with KBD Body Kits – Part 1


After welding everything into place, it was pretty astounding how good everything lined up. My taillight assembly, which was the most concerning part, lined up perfectly. The body lines from the QP to the door was smooth. The only “issue” is a small piece missing from the door jam, but that’s because the QP I brought to them was cut too short.
The replacement job looked so good that it made the other side of my car look completely haggard no

Now that the major bodywork was completed, it was time to mount my KBD goodies. What really sold me on KBD is that kits they make are made of 100% pure polyurethane. It bends and flexes, but will not shatter like your typical fiberglass or carbon fiber applications. They make the kits with a proprietary chemical blend which includes a signature memory agent.

When I first picked up the kit, I pretty much folded it into my Nissan Cube so that the bumpers and side skirts could fit. When I was ready to install, it’s as easy as keeping it out in the sun for a bit and just bending it back to shape. 

Pretty much the only way to “break” the kit while using it, is by tearing it from mounting points. The owners have mentioned that they’re in the process of making affordable repair kits so that you can do a polyurethane repair right at the track. And in the case that something goes terribly wrong, they offer a limited lifetime warranty with their products. As a company they hold themselves accountable for what gets put onto your car, so it made me feel more comfortable working with them on polishing my turd.


I decided to go with the KBD GP1 kit for the S13.
Here is the front bumper that comes equipped with factory lighting locations and mounting points.
The rear bumper has a sleek, squared style equipped with a single-exit exhaust location and license plate compartment. The squared style of the bumpers really brings an aggressive look to the car that is quite different than the rounded OEM style of bumpers. Overall, the kit makes the car appear much lower, which is an easy way to gain some style points without spending a ton of money.

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