Polishing Project STurdteen with KBD Body Kits – Part 1


The front end work was made more challenging because the previous owner of the vehicle had gotten into a front-end collision and completely pushed down the front core support. In the entire two years of owning the car, I had never put on a front bumper. I had gotten a front bash bar put on at some point only as added protection to my intercooler and radiator. Normally when drifters add bash bars to their setup, they get it made to fit with their bumper setup. Since I didn’t have a bumper, I kind of just had something put into place arbitrarily. I got lucky and we didn’t have to redo that part. Dan decided to put a small U-bar on top of the bash bar to use as a mounting point for the front bumper.


Front lines up perfectly! Nothing some zipties and rivets can't address.
Since I had seriously damaged my stock rear bumper in my pole incident, GSWerks put in a rear bash bar to serve as a mounting point for the bumper. I will say that it did line up very nicely with the OEM points that I didn’t screw up.
The side skirts luckily didn’t require any additional work other than zapping them in. Easy!
And voila! The car looks pretty awesome with everything on it!

I'm pretty excited to test out the KBD kit since they have been around for over 40 years and are involved in every step of the process. From prototype, mold design, R&D, mold construction, manufacturing, finishing, inventory, and shipping – they handle it all. The fact that the kits are made in the USA was a real selling point for me.

I'm also really happy that I decided to invest in this chassis and fix the damages rather than scrapping it and starting over. Although it's hard work polishing this “turd”, there are definitely solution. In the coming months we will continue improving this platform into a solid ProAm competition car which will also serve as a demo car (NOT missile car).  After we are done with the mechanics and suspension, I will be getting the car wrapped as well and running some Gramlights. Stay tuned as we continue to make this S13 super rad!



KBD Body Kits

GS Werks

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