PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 1 – Nitrous and Supercharged!


In order to make the gobs of power these cars make, they use serious fuel injectors. Billet Atomizer injectors has off-the-shelf injectors ranging in size from 160 lb/hr (1680 cc) to a whopping 800 lb/hr (8400 cc), and a set of the latter can run you well past the $3000 mark. If you need bigger, Billet Atomizer also has a custom program, which Reaper took advantage of with his 1500 lb/hr (15,750 cc) units! Yep, these cars are no joke.

Jason Thame’s crazy-looking Corvette has been on the show a few times, and later appeared more on the spin off-season of Street Outlaws: New Orleans.

Here’s a closer shot where we can see some Aeromotive fuel components, Alan Johnson cylinder heads, and MSD ignition.

Whether it’s for breathers or vacuum lines, everything in here is pretty much braided lines with AN-style fittings.

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