PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 1 – Nitrous and Supercharged!


Later that year at PRI 2015, Daddy Dave unveiled the Goliath 2.0. Legendary California racer, Jay Boddie, reportedly gave the chassis to Daddy Dave, who was able to retain most of the drivetrain from his wrecked car. A 632 cubic inch (10.4 liter) big block built by TRE with a Nitrous Express nitrous system originally powered the Goliath 2.0.

In a video published by Discovery Channel a few years ago, Dave told his fans, “I’ll stay true to my roots, I’ll stay true to nitrous. You’ll never see a blower or twin turbos hanging off the front of this thing.” In fairness, he was talking about the GMC Tacoma at the time- which was tearing everybody up, no doubt. But even Daddy Dave has changed his mind on what will win, and for 2017 it looks like…well…see for yourself below.


Daddy Dave was always a fan of nitrous but you can’t blame him for switching to supercharging when his setup was causing him to constantly rebuild his motor. This is the new Goliath 2.0 for 2017.

The new powerplant is a 540 cubic inch (8.8 liter) big block Chevy engine built by SPDC Raceshop. The engine runs on straight methanol, and has a 10.5:1 compression.

Thanks to the engine’s ability to spin to 8500 RPM, it allows the ProCharger F1-X-12 supercharger to flow 2269 horsepower at 21 PSI at redline, with 1469 lb-ft of torque at 7800 RPM on an engine dyno. There is no radiator.

Here’s a shot of the interior. As we can see, Daddy Dave hasn’t let go of the bottle.

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