PRI 2016 Street Outlaws Edition: Part 1 – Nitrous and Supercharged!


Here’s a shot of inside the trunk with carbon-accented tubbing to accommodate the huge tires, and an ice cell.

In my opinion, the Goliath 2.0 is one of the better-looking cars of the OKC racing scene. This setup’s already proved to be successful for Daddy Dave, as he reportedly defeated Kye Kelley and his “Shocker” Camaro’s new setup in a tight race in November for $5k.

Dave’s not the only one who has drastically changed his setup recently. Dominator was another whose car was all about having a big engine and nitrous, but now he’s twin turbocharged. We’ll take a peek at his car, along with the others like Big Chief, Murder Nova, and Bob Lutz’ Pro Mod in the next installment. Stay tuned!


At the beginning of this article, I mentioned first noticing this thing- the Farmtruck- in 2014, which exposed me to the Street Outlaws series. While I didn’t see the Farmtruck at this year’s PRI (except for Farmtruck and AZN walking around themselves), I figured I would share the shots I took of it in 2014 again. If you didn’t know anything about the TV show, you’d have thought this thing was a total hooptie, too. But hey, they fooled me.

Here's what’s under the hood- a 632 cubic inch big block with laughable amounts of nitrous (padump psh!). It made 1150hp on an engine dyno with no spray.

If there was one thorn in the OKC racers’ sides, it was Kye Kelley, who in recent years had simply owned the group of racers on the show. OKC may have proven they had the fastest racers as a group, but Kye Kelley’s “Shocker” Camaro kept beating the Top 10’s top dogs. Although things may be different now with the way the cars have evolved, I figured I would still share this pic of the Shocker that I'd unknowingly taken at the previous year's PRI Show.

Check out PRI 2016, STREET OUTLAWS EDITION: PART 2, where we featured the turbocharged craziness the Street Outlaws show! Also, for an index of all the companies we've featured at the 2016 PRI Show, click on the next page!








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