Product Development Testing with KW Suspension


We were able to quickly set the camber using KW's included camber plates.
Next we set the toe which was thrown off quite a bit by the camber adjustment, especially in the front.

We set the toe to 1/8″ total toe out at the front and 1/8″ total toe in at the rear.  A set of Smart Strings comes in handy to do the adjustments quickly and easily at the track.

The toe is adjusted via the front tie rods and eccentric cams on the toe rods in the rear. 
With the sticky tires Dai went out again.  Dai reported more overall grip and slightly less propensity to be able to induce understeer.  Before Dai had said that the car had little understeer before that he could easily drive around and now reported there was none. 
To determine if our settings were correct, we monitored tire temps across the tread.  This also enabled us to determine the best hot inflation pressures for the tires.  We ended up using 32 psi hot all around. 
We took careful notes of our changes. Again only slight changes were needed from the shocks mostly to speed up response and improve drivers feel.  


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