Product Development Testing with KW Suspension


We didn't note any significant improvement in lap times with the changes but the car became easier to drive according to Dai.  The changes were small; only a click or two.


The performance data was reviewed after every session to see if there was anything to glean that Dai might be missing. 
We reviewed the data with Dai and he was able to tell us why there were differences from run to run and with each set of adjustments.  In some runs he was trying different lines to try to improve lap times. The car was remarkably consistent in lap time even if Dai drove differently. 
The whole group is busy doing something during stops, checking tire temps, tire pressures, making adjustments, talking to the driver and taking notes.  
Once the damping was dialed in for the race tires and more aggressive alignment, KW knew the coilovers were ready for market as there was still plenty more adjustment range in the shocks even with more grip.  Some coilovers don't have enough adjustment leeway for more aggressive combinations of suspension and tires without revalving and KW wanted to make sure that this would not be the case. 

What you have been reading about is the final validation of a KW coilover kit.  It is the last step in a series of developmental steps across two continents covering North American and European roads, tracks, setups and tires. No other company that we are aware of puts as much time and effort into validation as KW does. 

Based on other tests we have done, the KW 3-Way adjustable Clubsport is the ultimate daily drivable, all season, street/track coilover system on the market!  




KW Suspension


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