Product Test: Chipex Paint Chip Repair System
Door Touched Up
There were scratches here?


I hit a few other minor scratches with the kit while working on the big chip, too, and I’m happy to report that those are completely gone now… I can’t even find ‘em in this picture.

Chipex Filled Paint Gouge
The deep missing chunk of paint is practically all filled in and only noticeable up close.


Overall, the Chipex touch-up paint repair kit was easy peasy. Yes, the chip that prompted me to crack open the kit in the first place wasn’t 100% erased as it was DEEP and went all the way down to the plastic and then some, but unless you’re squatting down right next to the car, you can’t see the damage anymore – the repair paint blends perfectly with the car and hides the spot incredibly well.

Long Story Short:

If you’re looking for an accurate color-match kit that’s easy to use, affordable and eliminates the need for purchasing any other supplies or components, Chipex’s kits will get the job done and then some. While Chipex is a UK-based company, they proudly ship worldwide, and quickly, too! So, if you find yourself needing some minor paint repair, you can get your fill (pun intended) in no time at all.


  • The color match was spot-on perfect

  • The product delivered as promised and repaired scratches and chips

  • The process was easy and the kit contained all of the components needed to do the job


  • For really deep chips, it would be nice to have some sort of filler included to use prior to painting

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