Project 370Z – ARK Design Superflow Exhaust Test



Arriving at TechnoSquare early to get some baseline dyno runs with the current stock exhaust configuration.  I was really looking forward to such an upgrade since the OEM system makes the Z sound like a rental car.  Not nearly loud or cool enough for any automotive enthusiast.
Howard setting up the laser reference to get the correct RPM signal during the dyno runs.  Excuse my ignorance, but I was unaware of such a method.  From other dyno runs I've had done there was always a clip that needed to be attached to an ignition wire to get a RPM signal.  I guess you learn something new everyday.
Strapped in place and ready to put down a most likely unimpressive set of dyno numbers.  The dyno at TechnoSquare is very much a “heart breaker” and reads somewhat low compared to Dynojets and especially some Dynapack dynamometers. This won't be an issue for us though since we are comparing the stock and ARK Design exhausts back to back on the same dyno, on the same day.  Eventually I'll get a dyno run on a Dynojet to get a figure more suitable for comparing to other Z setups in case I have to flex my power during an internet dispute.
Lots of engine noise, lots of dyno noise, not much exhaust noise.  For most people buying the Z and leaving it stock this is fine.  For me, it drove me crazy since I genuinely like the VQ exhaust note.
After several runs to establish a consistent baseline dyno chart, Howard was satisfied with this result.  Our next step would be cooling off the underside of the car and removal of the stock system.

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