Project 370Z – ARK Design Superflow Exhaust Test



Howard sorting out the supplied gaskets and hardware for the ARK Design system making sure nothing is missing or incorrect.
All the gaskets needed for a complete install were supplied and in the correct diameters as well as fresh hardware.  Before even attempting to install the ARK Design unit, Howard verified the gaskets against every flange of the exhaust to make sure he would not run into any hang ups mid installation.  The decals were also a nice touch.
Fitment of the front H-pipe section was spot on and looks sleek.  Every part of the piping cleared all the under body parts as required and bolted to the back of the stock cats properly.  The ARK Design system is 2.5 inch diameter from nose to tail.  Such an increase in piping diameter should yield positive results.
Howard bolting up the second set of resonators in the middle straight pipe section.  Some may be turned off by the amount of resonators in this system.  But personally since my car still sees a lot of street duty, having a system that is not obnoxiously loud  was key.  Or maybe I'm just getting old and no longer into having a loud street car.  
With minimal stress due to the ARK Design's light weight construction of the rear exhaust section, Howard easily installs the mufflers despite his slim JDM physique.  Or maybe he is just THAT strong and had me fooled.

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